Mondays: Manic Monday, is our segment where we cover news or a relevant story that has come out recently (usually within the past month). This segment has never changed since we first started our daily segments.

Tuesdays: This segment is now "Troubled Tuesdays" where we cover something we don't like, or something that has happened that is "troubling" in gaming. This segment used to be 'Tuber Tuesday, which used to be our segment where we reviewed and covered a content creator on the internet (usually from YouTube).

Thursdays: Throwback Thursday, is our segment where we cover a game or entertainment media from years back, usually at least 5 years old. This segment is a staple of the channel and has never changed since it was introduced.

Fridays: Friendly Friday, is our segment where we discuss a topic amongt guests and friends (This segment has changed twice, previously being Face-Off Fridays and before that it was Fandom Fridays).

Saturdays: Surprise Saturday, is our segment where occasionally we drop our subscribers specials or videos that don't fit our normal Monday through Friday segmented episodes.

Sundays: Spotlight Sunday has been added to the weekly video segments! We will be "spotlighting" a cool content creator each week on Sunday. A long time ago, the Sunday videos were called "Synopsis Sundays", but no one watched it so we retired the segment.